Done! Over!

The final round was tough, but it’s all over! It has taken a full week to recover, but I just kept telling myself that this is it!  IVY punched me hard this round. I’ll give her Rounds 4 and 6, but I am taking the others!

I now go for herceptin every three weeks for a year, but it is supposed to have very little side effects. My friends – “The Debbie’s” are both doing that now and tell me it just leaves you tired. Tired I can do!

Thank you to my Chemo Buddies who were by my side every cycle – Maureen, Andrea, Holly…and my special guests throughout. Round 6 brought my Arlene, my sis, and Margaret, Mo’s sis, who went through this only 3 years ago. You all kept me laughing throughout and I appreciate everything you’ve done! My sister found boobie balloons on line – check out the photo gallery! Good stuff!

I want to thank all of you for your support. I mean that. Emerging from this mess has been enlightening – seeing everyone who helped me through this and helped my family – you all have been amazing. THANK YOU!!! I also saw the disaster of a home without a functioning mother – yikes! I am on vacay the next two weeks – it will take me that long just to get this place back in shape, along with Cade, who has taken full advantage of having this summer without mom’s watchful eye over him – he lived on the sofa with junk and video games. Guess what Cade…I’m back!!!