Hello all!

We just arrived back from NYC for a brief weekend visit, where we saw as much as possible, including touristy sites, favorite places, and favorite friends. Because it was so quick, we, unfortunately, did not have any time to see more loved ones, but please know we wanted to! It was the kids first real visit and we all enjoyed every minute!

Upon returning to FL, I went to a cardiologist who performed a series of tests on my heart, determining that I have an extremely healthy heart and am able to continue the Herceptin. I resumed with a treatment yesterday. Unfortunately, the side effects kicked in almost immediately. The inflammation and painful joints are annoying and frustrating, but I guess I’ll take these annoyances over cancer!! Hopefully, I will only have to do this until April to immensely reduce any chance of recurrence. I am supposed to be taking Tamoxifen, but because it causes joint pain, I am holding off on that right now.

I am working with acupuncture and oriental medicine to help me deal with the side effects I am experiencing. Hopefully, I can get everything under control so that I can conclude with this step of treatment.

OK – I am working on getting in my final grades, baking cookies for friends, and getting up the lights! Lots to do today!

Love to all! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!