Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

I truly have a lot to be grateful for this year, and I would like to thank all of you for your assistance with everything this summer and also for your continued support as I progress through my treatment. I’ve run into a bit of a bump in the road. After the 6 rounds of chemo, I started on Herceptin treatments every three weeks. This is a Wonder drug that has been shown to really reduce chance of a recurrence. The standard of care is 17 treatments and I have already had 9, but I have been experiencing some nasty side effects, especially with neuropathy and joint pain. If that weren’t enough, my LVEF has dropped to 50% (google it – it has to do with the way your heart pumps). So in order to continue, I’d have to go on heart medication to bring it up (which I really do not want to do). Therefore, I did not do my last treatment and do not know at this point if I will continue. I am awaiting responses from various resources in order to make an educated decision. Being on top of your healthcare is so important (and exhausting!) but everyone should really learn to ask questions of their doctor – and of everyone – and not just follow what is told to them. If I’ve learned anything, that is to ask and to research!

On another note, my sister Arlene, completed her 3 day walk in Atlanta to raise money for Breast Cancer education and awareness. Woo! Hoo! (check out the photos in the gallery).

And Bryn says – more importantly, her basketball season starts this week! We’re also really looking forward to the holiday season. The decorations are up! I hope you all enjoy your holiday with your family and friends!!