Ok so today was the first day of chemo for my mom. I hung out at my friend Danielle’s house and Cade went to Max’s house, so my Dad could take my mom to go get chemo. Thank you to Danielle and max’s family for having us today!!!

My mom said she did great because she had all her good chemo-buddies there with her to help her through this! Angel Dawn was on the first shift, then Maureen, then Andrea. Thank you for making my mom laugh! She said she packed her computer to grade papers, books, and magazines, but never even opened any of them!

She came home and was locked out so slept in neighbor Jen’s guest room until Dad got her home. She says she is so tired but can’t sleep! I’ve been bringing her lots of water and lemon to clean out her liver (I actually listen in biology!) She also says she feels radio-active like Superman and my dad asked if she can climb walls! I even got her her favorite food – mashed potatoes and lots of juices! We are hoping she feels just as good throughout the week. She is planning on going to work tomorrow! We will keep you posted!

Bryn & Cade