Last week wasn’t the best. My mom went back to get fluids twice since her 1st round of chemo. She gets a shot the day after she goes – to boost her white cells. Easter night was her worst. She was tired and has had “the runs” all week and Easter night, she said it felt like someone was punching her every three seconds. That was from the shot. It makes her bones and back hurt. She called my friend’s mom, Debbie, who has been on chemo for like 3 years, and she helps her a lot. She hasn’t eaten all week, but I make sure she drinks soups and other good stuff. Today, though, she feels really good and we went out and did our nails and sat and watched Cade’s baseball game. She still has her hair. Cade checks every morning. I am going to the Grand Canyon this week with my school, so everyone needs to check on her. Our neighbor Steve brought over more soup. Thank God because my mom tried to make some and she said it was disgusting. LOL. This is going to be a good week!!