Dear Mommy,

Hi. This will be a tough time for the family and you, but I wanted to let you know everything is going to be alright and to just focus on getting through this hard time. Don’t worry about us, because we will be fine and have you in our wishes. Be strong, my friend. All you need are cozy socks, a snuggie, and a wedge pillow! I love you forever and I know you will get through this, mommy♥. I will be here every step of the way. Best wishes!


(Your favorite child, jk Cade is important too), ♥☺Bryn☺♥

P.S. After this experience, you will see a difference in me. You may know what it is or you may not, but you will definitely know that I have “matured,” like I say, and “came-of-age,” just like Mrs. Hiaasen Cowan says.