It’s Bryn and just wanted to update all of you on how my mom is feeling. After round 4, CA’s sense of taste recovered quickly because she was able to eat lots of foods that have some taste in it, such as french toast. She continues to go to work daily and make enough money (for me to buy some bathing suits and shorts). Also, she is getting a lot of rest because she gets tired very easily. She has also been out of the house and away from the bed for some long periods, like taking me to my practices (which is normally not easy for her). Oh! We also got a new kitten. His name is Artie and he is a Siberian Forest kitten. Maureen even made Artie cool kitty cupcakes! Next week, she and I will be flying up to North Carolina for my travel basketball team’s Nationals. It is a big step for her to fly up and stay almost a week away from home. Hopefully, she will enjoy the time off away from work and the other half of the family (no boys!) and enjoy a nice basketball tournament the week before she goes in for her 5th round of chemo on July 13! thank you to everyone for the soup and food, and to Aunt Arlene for the cool new headscarves from She loves them because she says it’s too hot to wear wigs. She’s so crazy – she let Cade and I color on her bald head with markers (see pics in the photo gallery). I read Lance Armstrong’s book for my summer reading. He is inspiring, but definitely not as cool as my mom! Stay tuned for another update from round 5! 🙂