My mom went last Tuesday for her third cycle. She is halfway there! Three to go – June 22, July 12 and Aug 2. Her regular chemo buddies, Maureen and Andrea weren’t around this time, so she said she graded papers the whole time. She has only 2 classes right now – she says they keep her mind going. And all her NSU athletes, who love her! We are out of school this week! I won my State basketball tournament this weekend – woot woot! Oh wait! This is about my mom! She had a hard time with this round. They had to switch her off the carboplatin because it caused hearing loss (irreversible) and put her on Cytoxan. She is still on the sofa and only gets up to go to the bathroom. I hope the next three will be better! It helps a lot when our friends bring over dinners. If not, I’d have to make Easy Mac every night.I’ve gotten pretty good at doing the laundry and Cade mops and even made a chore binder. Did I tell you that he and my mom are writing a book? It’s really cool. Cade asks questions and my mom answers them. He also writes about his feelings in it. It’s called, “Dear Cancer: You messed with the wrong Mom.” He wants to get it published, so he can be a real author. Ms. Epstein will be so proud. She hates her “nice wig” and only wears it when she’s with Grandpa because she doesn’t want to let him know about the chemo. She said her mom had a really hard time with it and it would make him sad. She and Cade found this cool wig thing online and she loves it! It’s hair that velcros under hats, so she just changes hats. She also likes scarves, because they are not so hot. Rachel’s mom gave her a whole bunch of hats and scarves to wear from when she went through this, so that was helpful. When she had her “good week,” she and Cade baked an “I Feel Good” cake and said they are going to do it for the next three times. It was delicious! She even went on a bike ride around the neighborhood. Our Aunt Arlene came to visit, and our Uncle Rich said he is coming back soon. I can’t wait! Please write on the Well Wishes Wall because she really likes to read them. Oh! And my friend Gabi’s mom, named a tote bag after my mom: I put up new pictures too. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!