Holla my friends!!

CA here! I did my Round 4 today, rather than tomorrow. Thank you for all your prayers – I know I requested extra this round. Because he knows how I am with my Saints, Larry asked me this morning which Saints I was calling on. I told him that I didn’t fare too well with St. Michael, who I prayed to 5 times a day when my mom was sick, so I branched out. I started off with A quick shout out to St Martin de Porres, Saint of Italian barbers, to help the hair grow back, especially the lashes and brows. Next, I had a talk with St. Elmo – Saint of Cramps (I know..you’d have thought Fire – right? Wrong – that would be St. Agatha, who doubles as the saint of nurses) I tossed in one to St Louis the IX, Saint of buttonmakers, simply because I thought he must not have gotten prayed to in YEARS! I ended with St. Fiacre – you can look that one up. Let’s just say he’s supposed to help me out with my every-twenty-minute-bathroom runs!

I’m thinking positive about this Round – simply can’t be worse than Round 3. Besides, as my dear friend and chemo buddy Debbie, reminded me, “I’m here.” I can do this. Got Diane’s pre-treatment soup, Holly’s post chemo soup, Mo’s DVDs and Flintstones cartoons lined up, Spring’s motivation to exercising as much as possible, and of course my angel Dawn who has organized dinners for this week. I hope I have to call ALL OF YOU and tell you not to come – that I’m fine :)!!! I start teaching two more classes next week. Between chemopause and those horrendous hot flashes (seriously?) and chemobrain, I need to keep “working” for purposes of distraction.

Thank you for your well wishes, continuous cards of encouragement and support of me and my family. I am so appreciative of you all. I hate IVy! Check out my pictures. She’s got no shot against this Italian Jersey broad. None. Nada