We are a house full of WINNERS!!! My mom did okay – for Round 5. It was kinda weird because it hit her 5 days after her treatment. She slept and slept and slept. Then she slowly improved and now she is feeling pretty good! She even went with her friend to see Alicia Keys in concert, only the whole dressing up thing kinda made her sad because nothing fit her. We keep telling her its just the chemo and she will be back to normal soon!! Our trip together was fun and…we WON! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!! 7th grade USSSA national champs! yeah baby!!!

One more to go! round 6 is scheduled for Tues Aug 2nd. Her friends, Maureen, Andrea and Holly make going to the cancer center bearable – and make her laugh. Check out the new photos in the photo gallery. So moms can be crazy and laugh too, huh? Whatever gets her through it!!

Thanks again and yeah, I know,,,I rock!