Hi It’s CA. Today was a super quick Herceptin session with my buddy, Debbie Z – not stomach cancer Debbie Z, who was across town getting Herceptin at a different center, but breast cancer Debbie Z. She and I met during Mommy-n-Me days over 13 years ago and unfortunately were diagnosed the same month. We both had a double mastectomy, but she was able to start chemo 3 months before I was. As rotten as it is, it makes the whole process do-able when you have a buddy to go through this with, to laugh about all the ridiculous comments and experiences (i.e. the weight gain when you don’t eat for 10 days each chemo cycle!). We have figured out the system and know now how to make our trip to the Cancer center as quick as possible. We go again on Nov 14th for our next one.

On another note, my sister, Arlene and her friend, Traci walked for 3 days (60 miles) in Atlanta this past weekend, raising over $11,000 for Breast Cancer research, education and awareness. I uploaded some of her pictures to the photo gallery. She said it wasn’t easy, but when she got really tired, she thought of what women in her family had to go through and realized she had little to complain about. She said the Survivor walk at the end was really beautiful and emotional. As much as the whole “Think Pink” month annoys me right now, I know it’s all for the good of the cause! I did suck it up and go to our annual “Dig Pink” volleyball game. My volleyball girls asked me and my cheerleaders used pink poms for the occasion (photo also in gallery). Cade, my good friend and former cheerleader, Christina and I went to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk (see photos) as well. It’s hard to be rah rah about it when you’re in it…I’m sure next year will be different and I truly hope that in a few years from now they won’t even need a designated month at all!

My hair is still growing in, but I am still unable to go “topless.” A really cool thing, though…I came across the ponytail that I cut right before my hair fell out. I guess with all the madness, I forgot to send it in to donate it. So I sent it to this company who made it into this cool wig-like thing that goes under baseball hats – I love it! It’s my own hair! My loving daughter had been growing her hair to do this for me, and was going to give it to me as a Christmas gift! Aw! I’m sure she’s happy that now she can keep her long locks! Thank you for all your kind and encouraging words! Love you!