Hello everyone!

It’s CA. I see that my wonderful daughter has been keeping everyone updated. Yes, last Friday, while I was sitting at my desk, I saw tons of hair all over my desk. I called Steven, my awesome hairdresser neighbor. He had the wine and scissors ready. Rather than shaving, I let him have fun, so he chopped it into some funky cut and dyed it purple, black and red. It only lasted for 2 days. On Mother’s Day, I had enough of the itching and hair everywhere, so I had the kids and Larry shave it off. Cade sprayed the top orange, so my mohawk would be cooler than his! Right now, it’s pretty much all gone, and I am much more comfortable. I have chosen scarves. Debbie Guttman (unfortunately) had a ton to share with me. Her strength has helped my kids see that cancer CAN be beaten! I also discovered that I have a tiny head. Who knew?? I hate the wig but wear it around my dad, who doesn’t know I am going through chemo. When you lose your wife and only sister to the disease and have to see both your daughters go through surgery the same year, it’s tough on an 84-year-old man!

My second round was Tuesday. I have 4 more of the tough ones to go, then I will continue for a year getting Herceptin. Your prayers and support are so appreciated. They are what gets me through!! the book that Cade and I are writing is moving along. He has a ton of questions, and I answer them the best i can. This, along with his amazing teachers, has helped him deal with scary feelings about this experience. I have continued to work every day, as well as teaching 4 online classes! Keeping my mind busy has helped me to focus on other things. I am going to go enjoy this day, and even attempt a walk down the street! Thank you again. You guys rock!!